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Friday, August 05, 2011

Ave mundi spes Maria

Ave mundi spes Maria,
ave mitis, ave pia,
ave plena gratia.
Ave virgo singularis,
quæ per rubum designaris
non passus incendia.

Ave rosa
ave Jesse virgula:
Cujus fructus
nostri luctus
relaxavit vincula.

Ave cujus viscera
contra mortis foedera
ediderunt filium.
Ave carens simili, mundo diu flebili
reparasti gaudium.

Ave virginum lucerna,
per quam fulsit lux superna
his quos umbra tenuit.
Ave virgo de qua nasci,
et de cujus lacte pasci
Rex cælorum voluit.

Ave gemma coeli luminarium!
Ave Sancti Spiritus sacrarium!

O quam mirabilis,
et quam laudabilis
hæc est virginitas!
In qua per spiritum
facta paraclitum
fulsit foecunditas.

O quam sancta, quam serena,
quam benigna, quam amoena
esse Virgo creditur!
Per quam servitus finitur,
porta coeli aperitur,
et libertas redditur.

O castitatis lilium,
tuum precare filium,
qui salus est humilium:
Ne nos pro nostro vitio
in flebili judicio
subjiciat supplicio.

Sed nos tua sancta prece
mundans a peccati fæce
collocet in lucis domo.
Amen dicat omnis homo.


Hail Mary, hope of the world; hail, O gentle one, hail, O holy one; hail, O one full of grace.  Hail, O singular virgin who are signified by the bush untouched by flames.

Hail, O beautiful rose; hail, O rod of Jesse; whose fruit has loosened the bonds of our grief.

Hail, you whose womb has brought forth the Son against the leagues of death.  Hail, O one unrivaled: you have restored joy to a long grieving world.

Hail, O lamp of virgins, by whom the Light celestial has shone on those the darkness possessed.  Hail, O Virgin, from whom the King of Heaven willed to be born, and from whose milk he willed to be nourished.

Hail, O jewel of the lights of heaven!  Hail, O sanctuary of the Holy Spirit!

O how wonderful and how laudable is this virginity!  In which by the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, fruitfulness has shown forth.

O how holy, how fair, how gracious, how charming a Virgin she is regarded to be!  By whom our servitude is ended, the gate of heaven is opened, and our freedom is restored.

O lily of chastity, beseech your Son, he who is the salvation of the humble, lest we for our sin, in sad judgment, be subjected to punishment.

But by your holy supplication cleansing us from the dregs (fæces) of sin, may he place us in a habitation of light!

Let every man say Amen!