Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Political quiz

Going through my blog's archives, I see that I took this political quiz about 10 years ago. I thought it would be fun to update the answers!


Political Party/affiliation: Republican.

Favorite Political, er, Person: Ron Paul, faute de mieux.

Favorite Political Quote: "There are times when we should be as revolutionary as science and times when we should be as reactionary as the multiplication table" (Calvin Coolidge).

Pet Issue: Abortion; the preservation of religious liberties.

Ideal Presidential Ticket, Next Election: oh, I don't know: Rand Paul and Sam Brownback? Ron Paul and Ru-Paul? Mr and Mrs Dennis Kucinich (I don't agree with them politically, but they'd be great fun).

Who(m) will the Democrats run in the Next Election?: Probably Hollery Hillary.

Favorite Gun: Poet Thom Gunn.

Least Favorite Politico: Toss-up between HRC and BHO. Bloomberg's getting annoying, too.

Favorite Political Periodical: I don't subscribe to, or read, many political journals. Oddly enough, I like The Catholic Worker. They're scrappy.

Favorite Columnist(s): None, really. Maybe Joe Fitzgerald of the Boston Herald.

Favorite President: Cal Coolidge. But I have a weakness for Bush 41.

Least Favorite President: It seems impolitic to say so, but Mr O wins this prize. He makes me miss Bill Clinton.

Favorite Supreme: I sympathize with Justice Thomas for all the opprobrium he gets thrown at him from The Tolerant Crowd.

Favorite Senator: I always liked Pat Moynihan.

Favorite Governor: Oh, I'd say Chris Christie, hands down.

Favorite Political Book: The Morning After, a collection of columns from 1981-85 by George F. Will; What I Saw at the Revolution, by Peggy Noonan; Liberty Defined by Ron Paul.

Favorite Political Simpsons Episode: Oh, I remember one where Gerald Ford moved in next door ...

Favorite Conservative Polemicist: George Will for his sobriety; the late William F. Buckley, Jr. for his coruscating and scintillant use of language.

Have you ever been assaulted by a former Weatherman or Black Panther member?: No.

Favorite Experience Being Oppressed By a Liberal Teacher/Professor: I was a liberal soul during my college days.

Favorite out of the closet conservative/Republican celebrity?: I don't know enough celebrities' political affiliation to answer adequately, but I've heard that Kelsey Grammer is a Republican.

Favorite Feminazi to Make Fun of: I'll leave this one blank. Or does Elizabeth Warren count?

Were you ever a member of the Communist Party?: No.

Secret Political Shame: Never voted for Bush 41. And I'm thinking I should have gone third party in 2008, but the threat of Barry had to be resisted.

How Satanic is John McCain?: Satan, alas, is smarter. And a better debater.

Political Organization(s) that Scares You More than Death, Spiders, and Death by Spiders: The Democratic Party, in its current nihilistic incarnation.