Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Ronald Knox Foxtrot

Some coffee and a doughnut,
Some toast and apple juice,
An egg-and-sausage sandwich,
A kick in the caboose.
At lunch, three pints of lager
And fish sticks from a box
As we rehearse the sacred verse
Englished by Ronald Knox.

Some like the modern versions
Of ageless Holy Writ,
But some are pert and slangy
And some flunk basic Lit.
King James produced a winner,
Which no one ever mocks --
But call me strange, I wouldn't change
The one by Ronald Knox.

The leaves fall in November,
And soon, the flakes of snow.
I read the book of Proverbs --
Outside it's ten below!
Let's keep the home fires burning
With Chivas on the rocks,
And turn the page to that old sage,
Monsignor Ronald Knox.

The reader at the pulpit
Proclaims the N.A.B.;
King David takes siestas?
Sounds rather odd to me.
The lectionary's awful!
Let's please turn back the clocks!
Give us a dose of sweet verbose
Monsignor Ronald Knox!