Tuesday, September 04, 2012

women are always right

with regard to the subject of your letter:our nonhero has a single statement to make;not a generality,but a function of his own particular experience--women are always right

by this,I emphatically don't imply the merely logical or pragmatical or legal or whatever "right" which men(who are essentially cowards)have invented to cover a multitude of wrongs.  I do imply Something equally at right angles to "right" & "wrong";Something which is to "right" & "wrong" as Joy is to "pleasure" & "pain",or as Truth is to "fact" & "fiction"

today's "fact" is tomorrow's "fiction"--Copernicus supersedes Ptolemy--& only perhaps a billion fools confuse the transient with the timeless.  "Pleasure" & "pain" are heads and tails of the same coin:"pain" equals un-"pleasure","pleasure" equals un-"pain".  But Joy isn't un-anything;Joy IS

precisely so,while soidisant men are content to simply exist in the silly finite tiny trivial realm of either-or which their cowardice has evolved & their arrogance has entitled "reality",women(totally & mysteriously)ARE

this is what I imply;& can only imply,since the thing in itself(like all Good True & Beautiful things)eludes description,being strictly immeasurable.  Women ARE,not because or although or for any selfstyled reason,but like Birth & Life & Death.  They ARE like feeling & like breathing;like a bud exploding & a leaf spiralling:like the stars setting & the sun rising,& the moon closing & the moon opening

E E Cummings to Omar Pound, from a letter dated November 8 1954, in Selected Letters of E E Cummings, ed. F. W. Dupee and George Stade (Harcourt, Brace & World, 1969), pp 236-7