Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elastic Sparrows

Elastic sparrows
Verging on a branch, a
Galaxy of
Mulberries, squirrel-gods
Jouncing the red-eyed constellations.

Scholar of terrible plastic solitude
I carry a bag full of brown
And rectilinear daydreams. Observe
How the plump pigeon pokes its beak

Into a puddle-filled pothole.
The mudslick of March has
Begun, per order of the Deputy
Sheriff of Prestidigitation.

I have prepared an operation
Which will turn pennies into
Pocket-watches. "I must get
To my repast directly," spake
The temperate ant beneath the driest

Of grassblades.

The tasteless power of rainclouds
Cramps the heart and makes the brain convince itself
That surviving a damp late Saturday afternoon
Involves pushing and shoving adamantine moods
Into a mousehole of a closet.

The syntax of churches
Like needles in the white mist, classified
Ventilation, anti-corrosive rituals.

She was wearing a pair of lunettes
And a red question was posing itself
Between her brisk stature
And the solemn texture of the sidewalk-colored sky.