Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caryll Houselander

The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin


Immaculate Love,
   we bless you.

Because, though rooted in earth
   as we are,
you opened your heart to God;
   expanding and opening wide
   to the heat of the sun
   in your sinless heart,
you opened our hearts
   to the light.

All generations bless you,
flower of our race.

We are crowned
   in you,
Queen of Heaven,
   crowned with stars
   by the hands of Christ.

+ + +

[From The Essential Rosary (Sophia Institute Press, 1996), p. 59]

Msgr Romano Guardini

When is heaven truly and completely present? It is when all heaviness is gone; when all sluggishness has been overcome, all wickedness, coldness, pride, irritation, disobedience, and covetousness; when there is no danger anymore of falling away; when grace has made one's whole being open up, body and soul, to the ultimate profundities, when there is no further danger that it will all close in again, become hardened in ways of evil; when all work to be done on earth is finished, and all guilt has been paid by repentance.  What all this means is:  after death.

After death -- when time is no longer; when everything is in the everlasting now; when nothing can change anymore, but the creature stands illuminated by the light of eternity, before God -- at that time, everything will be open, and will remain so.  That is being in heaven ...

This is how we properly understand heaven.  It is that close presence wherein the Father stands in relation to Jesus Christ.  And heaven for us will be participation in this intimacy of love.  This condition is already beginning; it approaches closer; now in peril, it is fought over, lost, and won back again.  So it goes with our Christian life.

[Via Magnificat, November 2011, pp. 275-6.  From Msgr Guardini's book The Inner Life of Jesus]