Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bishop Robert F. Morneau

A third grader got it right.
"A saint is someone that
the light shines through."

She was looking at a stained glass window --
the one St. Francis inhabits.
Every morning the light comes
and Francis lets the light pass through.

Saints are bearers of the light
and love
and life.

Just ask any third grader.

+ + +

[From A New Heart : Eleven Qualities of Holiness by Robert F. Morneau.  Via A Maryknoll Book of Inspiration : Readings for Every Day of the Year (eds. Michael Leach and Doris Goodnough, Orbis Books, 2010), meditation for November 1, p. 332]

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Robert D. Lupton

I am reassured to know that the straightness of my grain is not a precondition of usefulness to God.  And I am humbled to see that out of the twistedness of my wounds, he designs for me a special place of service.

[From Theirs is the Kingdom by Robert Lupton.  Quoted in Reconciliation by (Bishop) Robert F. Morneau (Orbis Books, 2007), p. 81]