Thursday, September 01, 2011


(Once again, inspired by the Trousered Ape!)


I now reside in Arlington,
Where every Sunday's full of sun
And writer's work is never done.
Please join me here in Arlington!

I used to work in Roxbury,
A place of tenement and tree
Where Carmelites have a nunnery.
Hail, blessed, wounded Roxbury!

I've never seen Hyannisport.
I wouldn't sell that small town short.
Some folks drink liquor by the quart
When they sail off Hyannisport.

I was baptized in Somerville:
Lived there two years, for good or ill.
I couldn't reach the windowsill
During my time in Somerville.

The Trappists live in Spencer, Mass.,
Where rabbits scamper through the grass.
Their church has wonderful stained glass!
I should revisit Spencer, Mass.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fr Robert Barron

Christianity -- like baseball, painting, and philosophy -- is a world, a form of life. And like those other worlds, we first approach it because we perceive it as beautiful. A youngster walks onto the baseball diamond because he finds the game splendid, and a young artist begins to draw because she finds the artistic universe enchanting. [...] No kid will be drawn into the universe of baseball by hearing arguments about the infield-fly rule or disputes about the quality of umpiring in the National League. And none of us will be enchanted by the world of Christianity if all we hear are disputes about it.

via A Maryknoll Book of Inspiration (Orbis Books, 2010), reading for August 28, p. 257