Thursday, September 01, 2011


(Once again, inspired by the Trousered Ape!)


I now reside in Arlington,
Where every Sunday's full of sun
And writer's work is never done.
Please join me here in Arlington!

I used to work in Roxbury,
A place of tenement and tree
Where Carmelites have a nunnery.
Hail, blessed, wounded Roxbury!

I've never seen Hyannisport.
I wouldn't sell that small town short.
Some folks drink liquor by the quart
When they sail off Hyannisport.

I was baptized in Somerville:
Lived there two years, for good or ill.
I couldn't reach the windowsill
During my time in Somerville.

The Trappists live in Spencer, Mass.,
Where rabbits scamper through the grass.
Their church has wonderful stained glass!
I should revisit Spencer, Mass.