Thursday, August 26, 2010

huge as Asia, seismic with laughter

A sonnet by George Barker (1913-91), "To My Mother" -- from the YouTube channel of SpokenVerse.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seven random jottings

(an early draft, for which I ask the reader's indulgence!)

The rutted potholed road
by the auto mechanic's --
my favorite shortcut
from Medford to Mystic.

Rain on Rahoon falls softly, but
rain on Boston falls relentlessly:
aquatic rap, liquid filibuster.

Learning the science
of line-breaks and pauses

Three o'clock, the canonical hour
of None (rhymes with "stone"):
almost time for a glass of cabernet!

Admiring another poet's
"lippy delphiniums"

True to life? No, give us daydreams
as gorgeous as our sins pretend to be.

Whenever the Muse seduced him,
the bulky Theodore Roethke
danced like a drunken butterfly!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Unphrased objections

Clump latch become fixed lock.

Steam scout eclipse scad burl.

Bright bairn of told traipse strength.

Stilled shock betray gnarled pence.

Mayed juice of a guessed joy.

Strung think beyond string thought.
Strict lapse, street word, farce point.
Thieves plot gamble crammed safe.

Soft noise in the deep green.
High hymns of the north slope.
Bold droves of the cone felt.

Slouch purpose the might porch.

Style pilfered a game grab.

Steal quiet a mouse pace.

Reading & Dreaming

Began reading one of the blue books, one of the green, the aquamarine. Protect us from all. This one moves quickly. And also read the preface (past tense on that "read") to The Silent Life. Is that why I dreamed of a Trappist who was once a Franciscan, being interviewed by bureaucrats to find out if he was one of the good guys?

Odd other images intruded, but would they interest any but the dreamer?