Sunday, December 12, 2010


A reefer of banana slugs,
A shard, but not a clump --
Eheu fugaces!  Coffee mugs!
Fried chicken!  Camel-hump!

The agitating branches stir
Far from the madding crowd;
We climb the towers of Barchester
With whispers soft and loud.

A handsome devil, charming man,
Abandons kith and kin --
His own reflection's biggest fan,
He sees the blue moon spin.

The bald Horatian classicist
Drinks shots of stinging Scotch;
Bitterly fifty, never been kissed,
He coughs and winds his watch.

The murdered crow is loath to fly,
The slain sparrow indites
Profuse hendecasyllabi
Beneath the northern lights.