Monday, January 11, 2010


Beshrew this Persian form, this sticky glue-puzzle!
I'm ready to throw it out and start a new puzzle.

Give me synesthesia and a splash of color,
Give me tradition, apple pie, a true-blue puzzle.

Give me nuts and bolts, brass tacks, the hard facts,
Give me a child-proof difficult-to-unscrew puzzle.

I despise the ease of pedestrian enigmas,
Of the winding path, of the pebble-in-the-shoe puzzle.

I require a larger-than-life brain-tease, a tall order;
Give me a six-foot-eleven or seven-foot-two puzzle.

It's hard to write a ghazal when you've had beer to guzzle,
But I'm willing to try a hearty stout, a dark brew-puzzle.

Where are you going with this, O Eastie-bred dylan?
I'm off to Wales to solve a Cwmrhydyceirw puzzle.