Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Proclaimers

"Throw the 'R' Away" (1987-ish?), a slightly abridged version, missing the lines

Some days I stand
On your green and pleasant land
How dare I show face
When my diction is such a disgrace

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An anthology of verse

Amaryllis is made of vers libre.

The senator begins his epic
In the rhythm of The Song of Hiawatha.

Sestinas dance in Davis Square,
While sonnets snore on waterbeds.

Quatrains eat scrambled eggs for breakfast,
Heroic couplets cold cereal.

The lawyer left her housekeys
Beside the terza rima.

Refreshed by slant-rhymed villanelles,
Beachgoers lie beneath humongous parasols.

Johnny finds a hole in his pantoum
The size of a Sacagawea dollar coin.

Olivia's cinquain
Makes a noise like a dripping faucet.

Oh, for the unity of blank verse!
For the hope and change of anapests!

Winter's ballad makes the nose run,
Summer's ballade burns fair skin.

St Lawrence went to the gridiron, we are told,
Taunting his executioners
In Catullan hendecasyllabics.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Progressive bellies are chubby.
Conservative bellies are lean.

Catholic bellies sit primly
Above legs that genuflect
Before a monstrance or a tabernacle.

Protestant bellies
Thunder the Scriptures
In the King James Version,
And often in a Southern accent.

The poet sips his fourth, maybe fifth, beer
And waxes poetic about his Chestertonian girth.

The teacher's belly is covered in chalkdust
From September to June.

A reminder

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