Saturday, June 06, 2009

from "H. Baptisme (I)"

You taught the book of life my name, that so,
    Whatever future sinnes should me miscall,
    Your first acquaintance might discredit all.

George Herbert (1593-1633)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Discussing the knockout over a beer and a beer.

Walking toward the apothecary of sensations, synæsthesia at sunset.

Sleep during the day, brief winter's holiday's luxury.

For your soul's health's sake, contemplation and music.

Is everything hunky-dory with the ham radio?

Modern art, O triumphant banality! the iconography of cynical cool.

In wine you find wisdom, in beer strength, in water bacteria.

The sun's cold disk, composed of snow as yet unfallen.

During the night, we check the clock, and sleep, and check the clock.

Trivial music, auditory junk food, ephemeral masterpieces.

Everything will be well, and all manner of thing will be well.

Slant-rhymed reflections on the season's art, the alternating solstices.

The People's President Speaks

Thanks to the resolute measures
we took ten years ago,
we enjoy stability today.
We are free
from impure ideologies
and from dangerous doctrines
which undermine
the safety of the State.
Gone are the days
of archaic theocracies
and outdated value-systems.
We flourish
because we are united
in the task of building
a better land
for our posterity.
There are, however, a few
recalcitrant souls --
loners, reactionaries --
who focus on the supposed
sins of our Republic,
but we are intent on
educating the populace
to enhance appreciation
of all the positive actions
we have undertaken.
We have opened
an Enlightenment Center
in every major city,
and it is our sincere hope,
our firm expectation,
that these Enlightenment Centers
will benefit those
who might lack a proper sense
of our nation's great history.
It is the aim to remedy
any darkness of mind
that might have befallen
our citizens.

We remain
a peace-loving people,
resolute and optimistic.
But let no one doubt
our fortitude,
our clarity of purpose.
In that connection,
we beg your indulgence
as we conclude our remarks
with the words of our predecessor
(may he rest in peace):
the ones who are not with us
are against us;
the ones who do not
gather with us,


Zinging a cable through the ether

Où sont les moptop d'antan?

One wonders.