Monday, September 07, 2009

Honest scrap meme

(tagged by Enbrethiliel: the idea is to post "ten honest facts about yourself")

1. I've never worked harder, or enjoyed anything more, than when I was sixteen and learning to write verse in slant-rhymed iambics, basically by imitating the Welsh poet whose praenomen I have taken as a pseudonym.

2. I sometimes think I would like to be a monk. But some monastic orders don't eat meat! And all monastic orders, I think, require their postulants to be a bit more virtuous, or intent on virtue, than my peccant self.

3. I like being clean-shaven, but do not enjoy shaving.

4. I, too (see Enbrethiliel's post), like the Carpenters. Am generally oddly nostalgic for a lot of '70s music. America : "A Horse with No Name." Van Morrison! "Moondance."

5. This is no revelation to anyone who's read this blog for a long time, but it is an honest fact: I love autumn. And I love the first snow of the year.

6. I weigh (it sounds better in the British measure) nineteen stone.

7. I get nervous going over the Tobin Bridge.

8. I once voted Libertarian in a Presidential election (1996, when the major parties were represented by Bill Clinton and Bob Dole).

8a. Despite the fact that her politics and her husband's politics are anathema, I don't dislike Michelle Obama.

9. I spend a half hour each morning writing. And more than a half hour drinking coffee.

10. I have a memory that retains the birthdays of people I haven't seen in twenty years.

Now, I'm supposed to tag people, but I know that most of the people who I'm inclined to tag don't enjoy being tagged as much as I do. So let's just say, whoever wants to join the fun, go ahead!