Friday, May 01, 2009

Seven quick takes


I did not watch either the Sox or the Celtics last night, just checked on the scores occasionally. Sox got hammered, were on the losing end of a 13-0 one-hitter. The Rays pitcher carried a perfect game into the seventh. Celtics and Bulls went into overtime, yet again, double overtime, triple overtime, before the Bulls won by one.

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I should start the coffee.

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Still haven't gotten the haircut. Don't know if I'll have the chance today. I begin to look like a Beatle circa 1969.

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Mary Oliver has a whole lot of books. One is a hardcover featuring photographs by her late partner. One book has aphorisms and "short takes" -- sort of like this, but shorter! -- called "sand dabs." And she has a new collection of poetry called Evidence.

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In the basement of the Harvard Book Store, I saw Arthur Rimbaud's collection of prose poems Illuminations priced at $2. I didn't get it, in large part because my Rimbaud phase -- adolescence -- is long since over and done with. But Rimbaud's book was one of the first three books of poems I ever bought; the other two were T S Eliot's Four Quartets and, at the recommendation of an English teacher, Seamus Heaney's Field Work. 1984 or 1985.

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Morning prayer. Doesn't happen, when it happens, until I've been awake for at least an hour. I need a little caffeine for the concentration that the Magnificat booklet requires.

Just got the June issue in the mail. It features artwork by Salvador Dalí! Update, 8 am: No, it's not the June issue that has the Dalí; it's the Holy Week issue.

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Exspectans exspectavi! Eagerly awaiting the results of Enchiridion's sonnet contest.


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