Thursday, May 21, 2009

Met a fellow blogger today (sort of)

A ministerial blogger, no less! I was privileged to attend the beautiful Ascension Thursday Mass at St Paul's Church just outside Harvard Square, Cambridge, where the celebrant was Fr Mark Mossa, SJ, the author of Diary of a Rookie Priest and its previous incarnation ... AND I LET MYSELF BE DUPED. After Mass, I shook hands with him and said merely, "Hello, Father," but did not identify myself as dylan, the blogger of darkspeech, for fear of hearing something like, "Oh, so you're the unregenerate wretch responsible for that ungodly mess!" (Well, I'm fairly sure that that wouldn't happen. Maybe. But one never knows.)

So, Father, if you're reading, it was pleasant to meet you! (Or to have almost met you.) A pleasure, indeed, to have attended the beautiful liturgy on this holy day.