Monday, March 23, 2009

Soonest, sonnets!

There's a sonnet contest going on, courtesy of the blogger at Enchiridion. With the winners to be announced shortly after Easter, if memory serves.

Ah, the reader exclaims; that's why dylan's been foisting all these fourteen-line misadventures in rhyme and metronomic meter upon us. The Cummings was the only decent one!

Be that as it may: I've even produced a sonnet with the word "Enchiridion" in it. Which, of course, I can't submit to the contest, lest it seem like I'm trying to curry favor with the judge. Nothing of the sort. Really. I just like pentasyllables that begin with "E"!

Maybe I'll work the name "Enbrethiliel" into a sonnet. Hmmm ...