Monday, February 09, 2009

Sublimity now!

An Inside Catholic column by Eve Tushnet. It speaks to me, because, in part, it deals with the difference between a beauty that is merely cutesy-pie (a beauty that one can master) and a Beauty that is as "terrible as an army with banners" (a Beauty that masters one).

About six years ago, on this blog, I tried to categorize the different types of beauty, and came up with four "beauties": the Awesome, the Pretty, the Gorgeous, and the Cute. I blush to recall the absolute silliness of my attempt at being, what? serious? philosophical?, but I think I might have hit on something akin to the Sublime when I was writing about the Awesome. (The Gorgeous, if I remember correctly, was also a kind of beauty that masters one, but it lacked the element of holiness or purity that the Awesome possessed.)

I don't know if there was a difference, or can't remember what the difference was, between the Pretty and the Cute. But it seems that both of those beauties were of the type that one could possess or master. It was a beauty that delighted and charmed, not a beauty that terrified or thrilled or caused one to seek divine help to keep from fainting.

Anyway, go read Eve's column, as it will edify far beyond anything I have to say.