Friday, October 24, 2008

Leafing through old Magnificats ...

Why must we be always feeling the pain of loss?

If we did not, we should not realize that our idols are not God, are not Christ.

Bad as they are, they match our limitations; and if they could content us, we should never know the real beauty of Christ: we should not become whole.

It is one of God's great mercies that, although our vanity and our fear and other mean passions crave for satisfaction, when they are satisfied, we are not. There is an essential you, an essential me, who cannot be satisfied excepting by God: that is why the sense of loss saves us from complacency in our idols and drives us to go on seeking for the lost Child.

That is why people who seem to have got (and even to have got by their own efforts) all that life can give are so often aware of an inexplicable lack, a want in themselves.

Caryll Houselander (1901-54), via Magnificat November 2003, meditation for the 6th

Today's memorial

St Anthony Mary Claret, Bishop.

Under the weather

I've been a wee bit sick. Regular posting should resume shortly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's liturgical observance

Tuesday of the 29th week of Ordinary Time; but, formerly, the memorial(s) of St Hilarion, abbot, and of St Ursula and companions.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yet again, from the archives

From six years ago, a light-hearted credo.

Against the smiling bureaucrat

Here is someone else who hasn't fallen prey to the blandishments of our latest would-be "messiah" -- the abbatial blogger at Word Incarnate.

Render unto, etc.

Q.: How do you cut the Roman Empire in two?

A.: With a pair of Cæsars.

On an unrelated note

the weather yesterday, and so far today, has been fabulously autumnal! 40 degrees in the metropolis right now, 30s in the burbs. Yesterday struggled to get above 50, and I was in short sleeves and no jacket. I might wear the jacket today.

And we still have some fall foliage!

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today's Sunday observance occults the memorial of the Jesuit martyrs of North America.