Friday, July 18, 2008


You should get married. A misanthrope I can understand -- a womanthrope, never!

Miss Prism to Dr Chasuble in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest

Kay Ryan

Newly named US poet laureate

Kay Ryan, 62, of Northern California. Here is her Poetry Foundation page, with twenty-one poems and one review (of the notebooks of Robert Frost).

An NYT article announcing the laureateship, and containing praise for Ryan from the perhaps-unexpected source of Dana Gioia.

And a San Francisco Chronicle article, which confuses poets laureate with Librarians of Congress. (I don't believe Robert Lowell, William Carlos Williams, Louise Bogan, etc., were ever "poets laureate." The post of laureate is relatively new -- 1986 or so -- and the first poet to be honored with the title was an octogenarian Robert Penn Warren. IIRC.)

Update, Saturday : Prior to 1986, the "poet laureate" was known as the Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eve in Dappled Things

And speaking of ...

Eve has a poem in prose in the latest issue of Dappled Things!


Laughed nearly to the point of asphyxia

when I read the second label to this post at Eve's.


Six of my quirks
a meme spotted chez TSO

1. I talk to myself in "gibberish German." (I talk to myself.)

2. I make surrealistic lists of "random thots" and send them to friends in lieu of more conventional emails.

3. I shave every other day. Sometimes every third day. I hate shaving, but like being clean-shaven.

4. I notice odd things. I notice that STATE is almost a palindrome because STATE backwards is ETATS, the plural of STATE in French. (There is a STATE subway station on the Blue Line here in Boston and, apparently, I've stared at the sign for far too many hours in my life.)

5. There's something I can't do, physically, unless I simultaneously count upwards by seventeens to about 187.

6. I say "circa" and then follow it with some ridiculously exact number. (And yes, "circa" instead of "around" qualifies as a sub-quirk. If I listed all my quirks pertaining to "wordage," this list would be about 100 items long!)

Phos Hilaron

Phos Hilaron

has been updated.


He himself is the great Source from whom everything flows. We know nothing truly, we comprehend nothing, unless we know him. He is the true Light that lightens and explains everything.

Dom Augustin Guillerand, O. Cart. (+1945), via the July 2008 Magnificat

Sunday, July 13, 2008

D. G. Rossetti

The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and has nobody to thank.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, via Wikipedia



"If I begin to die, please take this off my head. This is not how I wish to be remembered."