Friday, July 04, 2008

Light blogging

Light blogging here, as you may have noticed

I don't have too much to say nowadays. I do feel a blog-slumber coming on, but will try to add something at least once a week.

Recently I found some old writing of mine, circa 2001, and if that biblical verse about "accounting for every idle word" be true, I'm in deep trouble! Long stretches of public wordlessness might do this soul some good.

So please forgive the comparative silence hereabouts -- or, enjoy it!

July 4

4th of July

An excellent prayerful reflection at Word Incarnate, with which this blogger concurs just about wholeheartedly.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


As of yesterday

I have surpassed Dylan Thomas (d. aetat. 39 yrs., 13 days) in the longevity department.

As for accomplishments, that's a different story! Was recently rereading "Poem on His Birthday" (In the mustardseed sun / By full tilt river and switchback sea / Where the cormorants scud, etc.) and was yet again struck speechless at the Welshman's mastery.