Thursday, June 12, 2008


Blogging hiatus upcoming

Headed to northern New England to see the mountains this weekend. Maybe a few things tomorrow, but nothing from Saturday through Monday, inclusive. Should be back on or about Bunker Hill Day, the 17th.


Is this what's called "metablogging"?

With this post, the 244th of the year, 2008 passes 2007 as the third most active year for more last than star.

I'll never catch 2003!

Obama quote machine

I think it's time we had a national conversation about prejudice. We need to get past all the migraines and recognize that we are our own best hope for overcoming Tom Petty songs. We need ravioli, not overdrawn bank accounts. Ravioli are our enlightenment. And we need to have change in prejudice.

Via TSO, it's the Barack Obama Quote Generator! (As you can plainly see, you can make them as surreal as you like.)

Addendum, hours later : This is more like it :

Generate a Barack Obama Quote!

"These people haven't had choice for fifty years. So you can't be surprised if they get bitter and cling to their heterosexist remarks and their judgmental people and their Catholic devotions. That's what my campaign is about. Teaching all the little people in this country that they can have reproductive rights."
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Creed of the People of God

Spotted at Vivificat!

Creed of the People of God. A beautiful summary of the truths of the Faith -- a prayer, indeed -- which I had never read before!

Lavender fascism

Canada's lavender fascism

directed against Catholics (info via Some Have Hats) and evangelicals (info via The Curt Jester).

If only those religious-right types would roll over and play dead, the world would be a better place!

Afterthought: Canada is not only criminalizing "anti-gay" speech, they're criminalizing "anti-Islamic" speech. Which leads one to wonder: What will the government do when Muslim clerics become prominent spokesmen against homosexual unions?