Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seven random thoughts

1. They're predicting six to twelve inches of snow for metro-Boston tomorrow into Saturday morning.

2. When did people start saying "get out of Dodge"?

3. They're giving away books in Harvard Square. The little bookstand that had been selling books for $2 apiece is folding up the tent, closing shop, going out of business, so they're giving away their accumulated trove of literature. Found two books of poetry today!

4. The line in the post office was really long today.

5. I recall something Mother Angelica said long ago about December 18th having been called, "in the good old days," the Expectation of Mary. Has anyone else heard of this observance?

6. In exactly six months, I will be forty years old. Yikes!

7. How about those Celtics?