Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin

WASHINGTON - A new ad from John McCain's presidential campaign contends his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, "stopped the Bridge to Nowhere." In fact, Palin was for the infamous bridge before she was against it.

Oh, that clinches it. I'm voting for Obama now. Really.

Is this the best that the anti-Palin forces can come up with? This, and the fact that her pastor is promoting (or endorsing, or advertising, whatever) a conference whose aim is to pray that homosexuals change their behavior?

If Bill Clinton couldn't be derailed by the affairs and the draft-dodging, etc., I don't think that Gov. Palin is going to suffer too much from the revelations that she might be, after all, a politician of questionable soundness on economic matters.

This could very well be her moment. When even the least politically engaged among us seem to react positively to her ("the old guy with Sarah"), when the cultural élites (Oprah, the gays, the radical pro-abortionists, and a few perpetually smarmy libertarians) are telling us we can't vote for her, when McCain's poll numbers have gone from five points behind Obama to four points ahead ... then we're dealing with a phenomenon that shouldn't be, uhm, misunderestimated.

But before we get too bold in our predictions, let's see an interview or two, and maybe the debate.