Sunday, August 24, 2008

More of the cento

More of the cento!

Meredith has revealed part of her Dylan Thomas cento in Enchiridion's comment-box. We eagerly await the whole enchilada!

Meanwhile, here's my (somewhat inadequate) effort at a Dylan Thomas cento:

For as long as forever is,
Genesis in the root, the scarecrow word
Praised the sun
With no more desire than a ghost.

And nightly under the simple stars
I labour by singing light
With dry flesh and earth for adorning and bed.

The things of light
Raise up this red-eyed earth
Like wooden islands, hill to hill.

Over the choir minute I hear the hour chant:
Roaring, crawling, quarrel
In the last element
Possessed by the skies.
Your heart is luminous
On a star of faith pure as the drifting bread
And the shipyards of Galilee's footprints hide a navy of doves.