Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC, night four

DNC, night fourth and last

Well! That was fun.

I think Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia wins the gold medal for abusing Sacred Scripture. "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain 'Move,' and it will move." I'm fairly sure that the faith which moves mountains is not to be equated with faith in the junior senator of Illinois.

Speaking of whom: Sen. Obama did a fairly good job of looking and sounding presidential, but the speech was a forgettable tissue of lefty tropes that floated across my mind like the images in a John Ashbery poem, quickly and without lingering for too long.

Both Al Gore and Bill Richardson mentioned "a woman's right to choose," but neither man referred to what, precisely, the woman would be choosing. Mustn't be too vivid. Some people might find that off-putting. (Obama actually did use the word "abortion," by way of making a pledge to introduce policies that would "reduce unwanted pregnancies."

Early in the afternoon, a young man named Wes Moore (???) was speaking at Invesco Field and said, "Barack Obama does not want you to have faith in him; he wants to you have faith with him." I guess that line was intended to mitigate the concerns of those who see the Obama movement as a kind of cultish worship.

Well. That's over. Bring on the Repubs!