Monday, July 07, 2008

D. G. Rossetti

Sonnet XXVI: Mid-Rapture
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-82)

Thou lovely and beloved, thou my love;
      Whose kiss seems still the first; whose summoning eyes,
      Even now, as for our love-world's new sunrise,
Shed very dawn; whose voice, attuned above
All modulation of the deep-bowered dove,
      Is like a hand laid softly on the soul;
      Whose hand is like a sweet voice to control
Those worn tired brows it hath the keeping of:--

What word can answer to thy word;--what gaze
      To thine, which now absorbs within its sphere
      My worshipping face, till I am mirrored there
Light-circled in a heaven of deep-drawn rays?
What clasp, what kiss mine inmost heart can prove,
O lovely and beloved, O my love?