Thursday, May 08, 2008


George Will's latest

Yankee Fan Go Home. About -- who else? -- the Hillcat, as TSO calls her.

Andrew Sullivan linked to this article, but didn't quote the best parts, of which there are many; e.g.:

[Sen. Clinton] may think, or at least would argue, that when she was 12 her Yankees really won the 1960 World Series, by standards of "fairness," because they trounced the Pirates in runs scored, 55-27, over seven games, so there.

Unfortunately, baseball's rules -- pesky nuisances, rules -- say it matters how runs are distributed during a World Series. The Pirates won four games, which is the point of the exercise, by a total margin of seven runs, while the Yankees were winning three by a total of 35 runs. You can look it up.

Read Will's evisceration of the "lifelong" pinstripes-booster and her elaborate math.