Saturday, June 23, 2007

Being a Catholic

means that sometimes you cannot marry the person you want to marry, when you want to marry them. It means not always being able to sleep with the person one may want to sleep with, at one's personal convenience, if at all. At times, being a faithful Catholic means NEVER being able to marry or sleep with the person one loves. It means self-denial and taking up the cross, which is why chastity and consecrated celibacy are among the highest forms of love and martyrdom.

So many people want the trappings of Catholicism, but not the inner core of suffering and sacrifice that must accompany true belief.

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And now for something completely different

Go see and hear Tracy sing "Give Me One Reason."

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from The Sign of Jonas, Dec. 24, 1946

We really have to believe in our Superiors. We cannot simply judge them by human standards, taking the things they tell us as opinions that are to be weighed in the balance with our own.

Merton, twenty years later
from the "Midsummer Diary" appendix to Learning to Love, June 22, 1966

In any case, one senses the basically destructive and desperate nature of Dom J.'s [the abbot's] brand of fervor. It poses an immense problem. [...] I will not waste time worrying about it. He is a providential affliction, a kind of skin disease that I have to live with in patience. I loathe everything he stands for.

Friday, June 22, 2007


(existing's tricky:but to live's a gift)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

from vol. 6 of the Journals, p. 340

It is a hot night. Where will I be when the dark falls and the dragons come and there is no more beer?

Turned ninety-eight on Monday (well, not quite) ...

In 1969 (the year you were born)

Richard Nixon becomes president of the US

Mary Jo Kopechne is killed when Senator Edward Kennedy veers off a narrow bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, crashing into a pond

US astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to set foot on the moon while commanding the Apollo 11 mission

Breathtaking pictures of Mars are transmitted to earth from NASA's Mariner 7 as it passes within 2,200 miles of the Red Planet

Woodstock music festival begins in upstate NY, featuring performances by Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and many more artists

250,000 Vietnam War protestors gather in Washington for the largest anti-war rally in US history

The first draft lottery since WWII is held in New York City

The Beatles' performance in public for the last time, on the roof of Apple Records

The Stonewall riots mark the start of the modern gay rights movement in the US

Marilyn Manson, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Edward Norton, Christian Slater, and Linus Torvalds are born

New York Mets win the World Series

New York Jets win Superbowl III

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Sesame Street premieres

Midnight Cowboy wins the Oscar for best picture

David Bowie's debut single, "Space Oddity", becomes a huge hit - in part due to the US landing on the moon

Sharon Tate & the LaBiancas are found murdered by Charles Manson & "family"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

This I knew

but took the quiz anyway ...

You Belong in Fall

Intelligent, introspective, and quite expressive at times...

You appreciate the changes in color, climate, and mood that fall brings

Whether you're carving wacky pumpkins or taking long drives, autumn is a favorite time of year for you