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Interracial violent crime

Some of it goes underreported. For whatever reason.

Article spotted at A conservative blog for peace.

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He hates giving to Planned Parenthood. As seen at the Dawn Patrol.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My new parish
and the things that trouble me

As mentioned before, I recently moved, and there is a Catholic church a block away from where I live. I've attended Mass twice there, and have noted some odd things about the liturgy, and about the church itself.

1. There is no corpus on the cross above the altar.

2. There don't appear to be any confessionals in the church.

(There are kneelers! There is holy water. And lovely old stained glass, esp. the window depicting the four Evangelists.)

As for the Mass itself:

3. There is no penitential rite: no Confiteor, no Kyrie. Instead, what the priest would have us do is come forward and bless ourselves with the baptismal water.

4. We do not say the Nicene Creed. Instead, we are to turn to the person nearest us, introduce ourself, and ask the person to pray for one of our intentions. (No harm in having someone pray for one of your intentions, but ... what's wrong with the Creed?)

5. A small thing, this, but perhaps most bothersome to me. At the epiclesis (that part of the Eucharistic Prayer where the priest says words such as, "Let your Spirit come upon these gifts to make them holy, so that they may become for us the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ"), the priest does not make the sign of the Cross over the gifts as he says these words.

6. The chalice used at Mass is made of glass.

Now, none of these things, as far as I know, invalidate the Mass, but they do represent significant departures from the norm. No penitential rite? Do none of us have sins?

I like having a church a block away from where I live. But I think I may begin walking the mile-plus back to my old parish, where none of these problems arise.
Adam of Perseigne
a Cistercian

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