Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blessed Henry Suso

Blessed Henry Suso, OP (d. 1366)
Why Mary is Queen : Magnificat meditation, 22 August 2002

Remember, remember, clement beloved Queen, that you derive all your dignity from us sinful men. Why were you constituted as Mother of God, the chest in which eternal wisdom sweetly reposed? Lady, it was because of the sins of us poor creatures. How could you be called the mother of grace and of mercy if our afflictions did not clamor for your grace and mercy? Our indigence has enriched you; our infirmities have ennobled you above all creatures.

Ah, therefore, look at me, a poor creature, with those merciful eyes which your loving heart has never turned away from a sinful or disconsolate person. Enfold me under your mantle because you are my consolation and my hope.

How many sinful souls there are who at some time abandoned God and all the heavenly host, who denied God, despaired of God, and miserably separated themselves from him, but who, nevertheless, had recourse to you and were mercifully sheltered by you until through your grace they were again admitted to grace!

Is there any sinner, no matter how numerous his crimes and felonies, who cannot overcome his discouragement by thinking of you?